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Dear VMTC Members

After much consideration of the recent developments, and on recommendation from Bushwalking Victoria, the committee has decided that the time has come to temporarily suspend all walks. We feel that this is the right and responsible thing to do.

We are trialling Skype and similar collaboration tools to organise social events and presentations, and will keep you posted.
We also encourage members to stay in touch by sending in their stories of 'Survival in the Times of Corona' to Trampalong. While the Corona situation poses many challenges it might also open up some new opportunities for some.

We believe that the sooner everyone cooperates with the current government guidelines the sooner the situation will be brought under control and life will return to normal.
We will keep you updated.

VMTC Committee
27 March 2020

The VMTC is known for its spirit of adventure which is reflected in its diverse range of trips and activities. The club boasts a wealth of knowledge of the outdoors, and has experienced leaders in a wide range of pursuits, as well as flora and fauna enthusiasts.

We cater for all ages, from beginners through to the very experienced. Our membership is drawn from all walks of life, further enhancing our rich mix of people who share their knowledge and experiences which helps create a strong spirit of cameraderie within the club.

The club's activities include:

  • Pack carries - weekends - extended trips (Australia and overseas)
  • Day walks
  • Endurance walks - 50km - 100km
  • Ski touring & snow camping - snowshoeing
  • Cycling
  • Canyoning
  • Kayaking
  • Lilo trips
  • Family base camps
  • Skills development and equipment advice in the form of navigation and beginner weekends and information evenings with a variety of guest speakers
  • Social events - restaurant evenings, slide nights, craft nights, indoor rock climbing
  • Conservation

The VMTC usually meets on the third Thursday night of the month (except on or before public holidays) at the Powlett Reserve Community Centre, at the corner of Grey and Simpson Streets, East Melbourne (Melway Ref: 2G F2).There is usually a social or information activity on meeting nights and visitors are most welcome.

Meeting times are between 8:00 PM and about 9:30 PM.

Visitors are welcome on club activities or in the club rooms. See 'Current Program' for upcoming activities. A fee of $5  is asked of visitors on walks. A monthly newsletter, 'Trampalong', gives news of coming events, reports of recent trips, etc.